Mejenta advises organizations on how they can best use information technology to meet their business objectives. We offer our expert advice on how to implement, deploy, administer and manage IT systems and solutions. To take your business to the next level, Mejenta defines the scope, cost and time-frame of the project. Knowing that there will be an impact on business processes and systems, we work with our clients to carefully drive the required changes to the IT infrastructure. Our IT project managers offer expert advisory, technical, communication, management and business skills. With Mejenta’s vision and influence, we support and nurture your company’s project from beginning to end and guarantee complete satisfaction. Whether the project is to launch a new product or discontinue unprofitable technology, we ensure that our projects will deliver both on-time and on-budget.

Business Consulting

Mejenta helps organizations improve their performance with a thorough analysis of existing business processes. Improvement plans are created to gain external, objective advice and recommendations, and in order to access specialized expertise. We are knowledgeable of the industry “best practices,” and encourage organizational change in management and technology implementation, along with aligning strategy development to improve operational services. Mejenta’s proprietary methodology framework guides the identification of any existing problems, and serves as the basis for recommendations of more effective and efficient ways of performing business tasks.


By utilizing Mejenta’s business process outsourcing (BPO), your company will increase its flexibility and cost efficiency. Our BPO services are offered on a fee-for-service basis, and we utilize standard technology models. BPO provides your firm with this increased flexibility in its resource management and can reduce overall response times to major company and environmental changes. Mejenta’s BPO allows your company to focus on its core competencies without being burdened by business and technological restraints. Your key employees can invest more time and energy into building the firm’s core businesses. We keep a focus on customer intimacy, product leadership and operational excellence, thereby driving your company’s competitive edge.

Process Management Consulting

Mejenta can make your organization more agile, achieve operational savings and improve overall customer satisfaction by examining the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s most critical processes. Our goal is to deliver process-based solutions by capturing, designing and implementing transformation initiatives. Quickly automate your business processes and increase productivity using our workflow management tools and integration software packages. Mejenta’s extensive global experience across multiple industries offers your company the ability to create a flexible process platform tailored specifically to your business needs. Our deep industry expertise of business process management enables proactive reactions and rapid responses to improve business performance. We drive value from process optimization by using technology as a starting point to maintain a continuous improvement capability.


Business Services

Mejenta’s business services promote both a customer-centric and business-focused approach to service management. We encourage the alignment of your organizational objectives with your company’s IT strategies. From an internalized technology view, we facilitate recognition and support of the customer needs and the delivery of value to the stakeholders of your organization. Mejenta guides business towards a more proactive and predictive operating model, rather than the reactive and fire-fighting behaviors common to many business operations. The benefits of utilizing Mejenta’s business services include improved relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues; quality service improvements; reductions in cost through improved efficiency; and a reduction to technology outages and less general impact of such outage.

IT Strategy

In order to be well-aligned with tactical and operational objectives, businesses need to have a focused and formal IT strategy in place. This roadmap defines how your business should look from a technical perspective. Mejenta will guide your firm to ensure that your IT outlook is leverages and well-positioned to support future profitability. Strategy initiatives include IT governance, IT services management, IT process transformation, master data management and open source strategy.


IT Operations

To ensure that your business is utilizing the best technology available in the market, it needs to align with the overall investment of IT infrastructure. The best measurement of IT operations is whether your company’s assets are performing and standing against your business goals. Mejenta will consult with you to ensure that you are maximizing your IT operations, thereby ensuring that you can focus on your core business vision. We give our clients a customized IT framework that ensures technology will meet their business objectives. Mejenta’s operations expertise includes infrastructure services, quality assurance and systems performance engineering solutions.

Risk Management

Today’s expanding global economy demands that businesses function within an intricate network of customers and suppliers. Your risk management strategy needs to address the growing regulatory requirements of security and privacy. Risk management consulting services initiate, manage and monitor changes within your IT environment and ensure strict compliance for these risks. Mejenta’s extensive expertise in business domains and technology platforms include program management, identity and access management, security for web services and SOA, recovery and continuity, physical and environmental security, network security, application and code security, security and privacy architecture reviews, and risk mitigation controls.


IT Services


Cloud Computing

Mejenta knows that cloud computing allows businesses to put the focus on gaining a maximum effectiveness of its shared resources. This type of converged infrastructure allows multiple users to access a single server to retrieve and update data without having to purchase licenses for many different applications. Companies avoid upfront software costs and can focus on projects that differentiate their businesses. Cloud computing provides all of its resources as services instead of products, allowing global and easy access to cloud services in a standardized way. Mejenta helps organizations use cloud computing to cut costs, and focus on their core business rather than being impeded by IT obstacles. Not only are costs reduced, but cloud services increase productivity, reliability and security.

Application Development

Mejenta has been building powerful architectures that support 24/7 business availability to accommodate our global customers for over a decade. We use customized quality processes to develop applications using scalable and extensible architectures across a wide range of industries. Our applications undergo various strict unit, integration and systems testing with a strong focus on security, performance, accessibility and usability. By using a planned and structured process, Mejenta handles all that is involved between the idea of your desired software and the final manifestation of your product. When time to market and technical complexity are concerns, we understand that documentation, test planning, change control, requirement analysis, architectural description, and formal design and construction are all important factors to mitigating any risk. Our solutions are implemented with quality process standards that are customized for each solution, enabling our clients to enhance the quality of their products and services.


Application Maintenance

Mejenta offers maintenance and modification of software products after delivery to improve performance, enhance functionality and other attributes, and to correct any deficits or faults. Maintenance is evolutionary as systems do evolve, and these systems grow more complex unless actions are taken to reduce complexity. Software maintenance issues are both managerial and technical, from alignment with customer priorities and staffing, to testing and limited understanding. The value of your application can be enhanced by expanding and meeting additional requirements, becoming easier to use, more efficient and employing newer technology. Mejenta knows that the selection of proper enforcement of standards is a challenging task right from the early stage of software engineering, and calls for an effective plan to address maintenance post-delivery/deployment process.

QA Services

Mejenta’s premium QA services are provided with flexibility, and are scalable and tailored to the individual customer’s need. Using a client-focused engagement model as the basis to our global operation, we are able to utilize local, on-site resources while maintaining the cost, scale and quality advantages of off-shore operations. We filter all software limitations before being released to end users, thereby ensuring that your Company will maintain its strategy and vision. Our commitment to extensive end-to-end quality assurance ensures that you are able to deliver all products with confidence. Mejenta offers Performance Testing of all products, measuring to national, international and industry standards, as well as your own Company’s specifications. We know that Performance Testing is necessary before marketing of any software product as it ensures customer satisfaction and protects investors against any product failure. Applications that are sent to market with low performance metrics due to poor or nonexistent Performance Testing are likely to gain a bad reputation and fail to meet expected sales goals. With Mejenta’s technical expertise and tools, we are able to help you in deploying highly scalable applications.


Mobile Application Development

Mejenta’s in-depth knowledge of mobile computing engineering gives your Company the confidence that applications will function as intended with the devices or applications of other participants in the mobility ecosystem. The user is the focus of interaction with mobile devices, and the interface entails components of both hardware and software. User input allows for manipulation of a system, and the device’s output allows the system to indicate the effects of the users’ manipulation. We test all of your mobile applications on real devices and in real locations for functional quality, performance, security and usability. Mejenta’s mobile application testing services offer a more efficient way to assure the quality of all your mobile assets, delivering a true ROI for your Company.

Process Re-Engineering & Improvement

Mejenta’s process re-engineering and improvement focuses on the analysis and design of business processes and workflows within an organization. We fundamentally rethink how you do your work so that your business will remain a competitive in the global market. We start with a high-level assessment of strategic goals, and within the framework of this critique we can focus on the proper steps and procedures to take that govern how your resources are used to create products and services that meet the needs of your particular customers or markets. Re-engineering focuses on re-designing the process as a whole in order to achieve the greatest possible benefits to your organization. Process improvement introduces process changes to improve the quality of your products and services. Our aim is to achieve dramatic improvements in critical performance measures such as cost, quality, service and speed. Mejenta offers a holistic approach to rethinking and redesigning the way you work to better support your organization’s mission and goals.


IT Staffing

Mejenta is a provider of technology resource solutions, equipped to place either a single candidate or resource an entire project team. We deploy a global and diverse workforce that optimizes end-to-end application performance for all of our clients. In order to help our clients meet their business objectives, we provide unique solutions and deliver results that cannot be matched across any industry. Our employees come together with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds to create talented teams of problem-solvers. We have an ever growing database of validated software professionals across a spectrum of skills, accessible to our core team for efficient delivery to our client’s requirements. Mejenta makes the challenge of matching the right candidate with the right job both simple and efficient.


Mejenta has partnered with EduTechnix to offer a well-defined and structured curriculum which covers the basics through advanced topics of each course. Career-Focused Courses are developed for individuals who seek to build or broaden a career in the field of IT. Skill Enhancement Courses are designed for OPT/CPT candidates or recent graduates who are looking to upgrade their existing knowledge base of IT. Corporate Training Courses are customized and designed specifically with your Company’s needs in mind, offering training of its corporate clients in an ethical environment which promotes professionalism and integrity. We offer to train you in the latest cutting-edge technologies and place you in a high-paying, stable job. All of the instructors at EduTechnix are industry leaders with vast experience in their field, who will integrate their teaching with real-time scenarios. If you are interested in Information Technology Training to advance your current position or to prepare for a career change, then EduTechnix is right for you!



Mejenta has improved on technology solutions for the State government clients it works with. Our innovative software and IT services and solutions provide positive and measurable returns on investment. The state governments are better able to accomplish their missions of using taxpayer dollars more efficiently. Mejenta delivers solutions that are both cost effective and secure. The methodologies used are structured, measurable and consistent with all State and Federal government guidelines. We guarantee the IT investments of the government will bring forth business value and mitigate any associated risks by thorough analysis of business process and infrastructure. Mejenta uses its globally diverse technology teams to ensure that proven industry-recognized procedures not only meet, but exceed, our State government client’s expectations. We successfully leverage our business process experience by optimizing our service delivery tools.

Mejenta offers technology solutions in the following areas

  • Acquisition Support
  • Enterprise Architecture Support
  • Enterprise-Wide Network & Telecommunications Lifecycle Management
  • Health Information Technologies
  • Infrastructure Operations & Maintenance
  • IV&V Services
  • Mission Critical Agile Software Development
  • Network Inventory & Optimization Solutions
  • Program & Project Management Services
  • SDLC Development & Support

Our State government clients include

State of Colorado

State of Connecticut

State of Georgia

State of Hawaii

State of Indiana

State of Maryland

State of Michigan

State of New Hampshire

State of North Carolina

State of Ohio

State of Oklahoma

State of South Carolina

State of Utah

State of Virginia