NPO Synergy

NPO Synergy

The mission of NPO Synergy is to help nonprofit partners so they can focus on enhancing quality of life for the individuals and communities they serve. Many nonprofits operate on minimal budgets, so a free edition was made available in addition to paid services so that no organization would be excluded from utilizing the system. NPO Synergy was designed as a streamlined and efficient nonprofit management tool – a user-friendly online program to manage donor information, contributions, newsletters, tasks and campaigns from start to finish.
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Our Solution

NPO Synergy is a safe and secure online donor management system that helps balance the time spent between fundraising, programs and staff management. The simple and efficient all-in-one management system strengthens a nonprofit’s ability to serve both clients and communities. The NPO Synergy tool allows nonprofits to import and maintain donor information, manage donations and campaigns, schedule electronic newsletters and generate customized reports. NPO Synergy is both comprehensive and easy-to-use, and allows users to stay focused on sustaining its resources and plan for the future.

Our Results

NPO Synergy increased the ability of nonprofit organizations to link individuals with their interests and to engage people creatively where they can be productive by more than 60%. There was also a 30% increase in student participation in just one year, as well as a 17% increase in revenue.

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