F’air Partner Tool

F’air Partner Tool

Formula Air Group enables its customers to provide high-quality dust extraction, filtration and ventilation systems for many different industrial applications. They offer technical assistance and ongoing innovation to businesses, as well as a wide range of standard and customized products and components produces both in-house and from other industry specialists.

Our Solution

The F’Air Partner Tool application allows the partners of Formula Air Group to build projects, generate quick and detailed quotes, submit quotes to clients and convert quotes into jobs. This application enables partners to place orders using the online Web-shop. This automates associated processes and provides enhanced CRM in manufacturing, distribution and accounting.

Our Results

The F’Air Partner Tool eliminated all manual calculations and procedures, which reduced new project design time from 14 days to 5 hours. The tool also reduced logistic costs by 3%. Mejenta is proud to have handed the product maintenance over to the client in 2014.

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