Why a Career at Mejenta

    1. Before
    2. After

  • Mejenta is a people company – we’re fun and motivated, and we share and deliver on common goals and objectives achieved through collaboration and hard work!

  • History

    For over a decade, Mejenta has been one of the fastest growing IT companies in America. We have a proven track record of serving the world’s leading IT organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Attributes

    Mejenta’s customers appreciate the strong work ethic that begins with positive attributes of our diverse team: bright, energetic, achiever, optimistic, team player!

  • Compensation

    Our compensation philosophy is geared to provide competitive rewards to all employees, and “above market” rewards are given to top-performing individuals.

  • Growth

    Mejenta offers extensive IT training and development resources, along with our corporate commitment of promotion from within.

  • Community

    Our company prides itself on a strong community development program! Our employees are encouraged to volunteer for a variety of charitable projects through Mejenta’s community involvement initiatives.

  • Diversity

    We are very respectful of differences, knowing that a diverse team is of utmost benefit when working within the global environment!

  • Benefits

    Mejenta provides health, dental and vision benefits to its employees beginning on day one. Our employees appreciate the extensive holiday and paid day off benefit.

  • Global

    Mejenta is a global organization offering vast opportunities to its employees, having operations in the US, Europa and Asia Pacific, and serving the world’s leading IT organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Solutions and Services

Our diverse team delivers value to our global customers through industry-best IT solutions and services, and with our end-to-end mission-critical applications.