Core Services – at a Glance

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing allows businesses to put the focus on gaining a maximum effectiveness of its shared resources. Mejenta helps organizations use cloud computing to cut costs and focus on their core business.

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  • Application Development

    Mejenta uses customized quality processes to develop applications using scalable and extensible architectures across a wide range of industries. Our solutions are implemented with quality process standards that are customized for each application.

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  • Application Maintenance

    Mejenta offers maintenance and modification of software products after delivery to improve performance and enhance functionality. The value of your application is enhanced by meeting additional requirements, employing newer technology and becoming easier to use.

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    • Advanced IT Consulting

      Mejenta advises organizations on how to best use IT to meet business objectives, and offers expert advice on how to manage IT systems and solutions. All projects deliver on-time and on-budget.

    • Business Consulting

      Mejenta helps organizations improve performance with a thorough analysis of existing business processes. Our proprietary methodology framework serves as the basis for recommendations of more efficient ways of performing business tasks.

    • Business Process Outsourcing

      By utilizing Mejenta’s BPO, your company will increase flexibility and cost efficiency. We keep a focus on product leadership and operational excellence, driving your company’s competitive edge.

    • Process Management Consulting

      Our goal is to deliver process-based solutions by capturing, designing and implementing transformation initiatives. Mejenta’s extensive global experience offers your company the ability to create a flexible process platform tailored specifically to your business needs.

    • Business Services

      Mejenta’s business services promote a business-focused approach to service management. The benefits of utilizing our business services include improved relationships with customers and suppliers, quality service improvements and reductions in cost.

    • IT Strategy

      Mejenta guides firms to ensure that their IT outlook is leveraged and well-positioned to support future profitability. Strategy initiatives include IT governance and services management, IT process transformation and open source strategy.

    • IT Operations

      The best measurement of IT operations is whether your company’s assets perform and stand against the business goals. Mejenta’s IT operations expertise includes infrastructure services, quality assurance and systems performance engineering solutions.

    • Risk Management

      Mejenta’s extensive expertise in business domains and technology platforms guarantee that businesses function within an intricate network of customers and suppliers. Our risk management consulting services initiate, manage and monitor changes within any IT environment.

    • Process Re-Engineering & Improvement

      Mejenta’s process re-engineering and improvement focuses on analysis and design of business processes and workflows. Our focus is to achieve dramatic improvements in the customer’s critical performance measures of cost, quality, service and speed.

    • IT Staffing

      Mejenta is a provider of technology resource solutions, deploying a global and diverse workforce that optimizes end-to-end application performance. We have a growing database of validated software professionals, accessible for efficient delivery to our client’s requirements.

  • QA Services

    Mejenta’s premium QA services are provided with flexibility, and are scalable and tailored to the individual customer’s need. Our commitment to extensive end-to-end quality assurance ensures that you are able to deliver all products with confidence.

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  • Mobile App Development

    Mejenta’s mobile application development offers an efficient way to assure the quality of all your mobile assets, delivering true ROI for your Company. We test all mobile applications on real devices and in real locations for quality, performance and security.

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  • Training

    EduTechnix offers a well-defined and structured curriculum, covering the basics through advanced topics of each course. We train you in the latest cutting-edge technologies to advance your current position or to prepare you for a career change.

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