Referral Bonus

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Discover someone GREAT and earn a REWARD!

Mejenta knows the successful way of hiring and retaining good people lies in the hands of its own employees, so we encourage individuals to refer their friends and colleagues. To reward employees for referring qualified candidates who are subsequently hired, Mejenta pays a referral cash bonus! We are requesting the following referrals:

  • Candidate Referral (please email resumes and contact information to HR; if we hire and place your referral, you will receive a bonus after the designated time period)
  • New Business Projects (fixed price or Statement of Work; a percentage of the profits will be paid when the project is completed and all invoices have been collected)
  • Contract Service Leads, prior to broadcasting to vendors ($500 after 90 days)
  • New Client Leads, which result in any new business

HR will notify you when a new hire is complete. Please click here to download and complete the referral form.