Employee Benefits

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  • Mejenta is committed to a work atmosphere that supports the varying needs of all its employees, both inside and outside of the workplace. We offer a competitive benefits package and many other perks designed to keep our employees happy and healthy!

    • Medical Insurance

      We provide medical insurance for our employees through a top-rated health insurance company with an extensive network of doctors and providers.

    • Dental Insurance

      We provide dental insurance for our employees through a top-rated dental insurance company, with an extensive network of dentists and providers.

    • Vision Insurance

      We provide vision insurance for our employees through a top-rated vision insurance company with an extensive network of doctors and optometrists.

    • Holidays and Vacation

      All full-time employees will receive their regular compensation for nine (9) Mejenta-recognized holidays (please refer to the Employee Handbook for the complete list of Mejenta-recognized holidays). After employees have completed 1,920 billed hours in the calendar year, they will receive seven (7) paid vacation days per year.

    • Training

      To remain competitive in the IT marketplace, Mejenta provides training and development for its employees, per recommendation of our management team.

    • Leave of Absence Programs

      Family & Medical Leave, military, bereavement and jury duty leaves of absence are available to all Mejenta employees.

Employee Referral Bonus

Mejenta is constantly in search of talented professionals to join our team, and we find that referrals from our own employees have the greatest success rate. Mejenta will reward its employees for the following referrals:

  • Candidate Referral (please email resumes and contact information to HR; if we hire and place your referral, you will receive a bonus after the designated time period)
  • Permanent Openings for direct hire placement
  • New Business Projects (fixed price or Statement of Work; a percentage of the profits will be paid when the project is completed and all invoices have been collected)
  • Contract Service Leads, prior to broadcasting to vendors
  • New Client Leads, which result in any new business