Career Path

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  • When you join the Mejenta team, you will take on a steady role of new and complex challenges. You will be responsible for leading project teams, advising clients and assuming challenging technology roles within the organization. Mejenta is committed to creating positive results for its corporate clients and making a positive impact on society. We encourage our employees to respond to challenging problems and to build and sustain a global advantage.

Mejenta is committed not only to creating results for corporate clients but also to making a positive impact on society. In the business world, Mejenta works collaboratively with clients to respond to senior management’s most challenging problems, enabling our clients to compete more effectively, to build and sustain advantage, and to win.

Mejenta also helps non-profit and not-for-profit organizations achieve their goals. This work spans all sectors, including community development, education, health, social services, the environment, philanthropy, volunteerism, and the arts.