• To be a world wide partner of choice providing IT Consulting and Professional Services.

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  • Mission

    • The mission will be achieved by:

      Increasing our focus on new and untapped markets in addition to designing customized IT solutions for our clients.Seeking to spread out over diverse verticals while maintaining strong relationships with our existing clients.

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    • Respecting our employees and providing them with opportunities to grow and share in the success of Mejenta. Strategically partnering with our vendors, working to build a committed and strengthened relationship through mutual respect, trust, focus and goal satisfaction. Benefiting our clients, strategic partners, vendors and employees through an efficient organization built on strong business ethics.

    • Values

      • Mejenta is committed to the values of integrity, respect and professionalism. We embrace the attributes of agility, innovation, high performance and discipline that, in combination with our values, will help us realize our vision and mission.

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      • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

        • Mejenta is consciously aligning its business model and activities with the social, economic and environmental expectations. We monitor and ensure our strict adherence to the law, ethical standards and international norms. We are building our business model to proactively promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development. Our company is focused on elevating corporate performance through developing a socially conscious corporate culture.  We believe in strategies and implementation of a corporate social responsibility plan that is designed to deliver a high return on investment that enables us to make a difference in society and the environment.

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          Bridging the Gap

          • Mejenta is one of the fastest growing IT companies and has enjoyed tremendous success and unprecedented growth since its inception in 2003. We have helped bridge the gap between business and IT. Our team of software engineers and programmers have demonstrated an unparalleled ability in software programming and solution development skills. This has fueled the company's mission in bridging the gap between the business needs of its clients and the IT solutions to these needs.

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          • Green IT

            • Today’s environmental challenges have become clear: a need for clean water and air, affordable and reliable delivery of energy, the dwindling supply of fossil fuels and the reality of the implications of climate changes. A greener IT for future generations is required. Mejenta strives to reduce carbon footprint. We help our clients reduce costs and systemically minimize energy, water, carbon emissions and waste, helping them to become more energy efficient.

              Mejenta consciously makes an effort to accommodate environmentally sustainable technology solutions. We have adopted the practice of designing, manufacturing, using and disposing of computers, servers and associated subsystems. Computer monitors, printers, storage devices and networking and communications systems are efficiently and effectively disposed of or recycled with minimal or no impact on the environment. Mejenta has made a vow to achieve economic viability and improved system performance and use, while abiding by our social and ethical responsibilities

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            • Management Team

              • Bill Blachford Peter Bouyounan
              • Miles Brasch Chip Brethen 
              • Claus O. Juhl Prasad Krovvidi
              • Nirmala Nallabhantu Robert A Steinberg
              • Krishna Vinjamoori Don Yee