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    Mejenta Systems, Inc. is a Michigan-based company offering an extensive range of Business Intelligent Software and IT staffing and training services to organizations worldwide.We provide IT staffing and consulting services to benefit organizations in complete. Each candidate is carefully selected to ensure the best available solution for your needs. Mejenta knows that vertical specialization when placing candidates is best, and individuals with an understanding of a given industry are better able to meet the specific challenges and goals that arise.

We offer proficiency across a broad spectrum of domains including Accounting & Financial, Distribution & Manufacturing, Engineering, Government, Healthcare & Pharmacy, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, and more. Great pride is maintained in the delivery of exceptional service, and in providing a positive customer experience.

Mejenta’s products and services elevate its global customers to a higher level of profit while remaining cost effective. Following a path that promotes adaptive planning and evolutionary development and delivery, the Mejenta team consistently delivers in technical excellence and design. A comprehensive approach to the development and testing of software is established, with a focus on close collaboration between the customer and Mejenta team throughout the product development cycle. We follow industry best practices and recommend ongoing governance to ensure project success.

Our Mission

Mejenta’s global mission is to provide excellent service to all its customers and employees, beyond their expectations. We can achieve this by:

  • Seeking to spread out across diverse markets while maintaining strong relationships with existing customers.
  • Evolving a complete range of product lines to meet the needs of our global customers.
  • Strategically partnering with our vendors and working to build strengthened relationships through mutual respect, trust and goal satisfaction.
  • Respecting our employees and providing them with opportunities to grow, and share in the success of Mejenta.
  • Benefitting our customers, strategic partners, vendors and employees through an efficient organization built on strong business ethics.

To provide for the betterment of humanity and to strengthen community ties, Mejenta places high value on providing assistance to charitable organizations across the United States. Helping others in need is an essential part of life, and we strive to provide for a better future. Mejenta’s online data management tool, NPO Synergy, is offered as a free or lost-cost option for small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations. We know how important it is for nonprofits to have an excellent management tool so that their team can engage communities, enhance services and enrich the future!


Our Principles

    • Service is our Motto

      Mejenta knows that high quality service drives increased customer and employee satisfaction.

    • Excellence we strive for

      We understand that excellence is key to providing high-quality solutions.

    • Enthusiasm in our steps

      The Mejenta team is passionate to inspire, and excels at providing the best solutions and highest quality of service.

    • Creativity in our solutions

      We create innovative solutions for the unique needs of our customers and employees.

    • Integrity is our promise

      Honesty, soundness of moral character and adherence to ethical principles is the basis of our commitment to customers and employees.

    • Diligence in commitment

      Every individual on the Mejenta team strives to be the best, putting forth a constant and earnest effort to successfully accomplish tasks.

    • Customers are Unique

      We know that each customer has differing requirements, so we are committed to delivering tailor-made solutions to all our customers.

    • Green IT

      Mejenta has aligned its operations to use and dispose of computers and associated equipment efficiently and effectively with minimal to no impact on the environment.

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